Bespoke Software Development

Stay ahead of your competition and streamline your business processes. Bespoke software that it built purposely for your business will help you become more efficient and provide a better service to your customers. Despite there being a multitude of software already pre-built, we recognise that they simply don’t meet all companies’ requirements. In choosing Code Galaxy as your bespoke software development company, you choose the reliability and years of experience, transforming ideas and concepts

Software built just for your business

Developing custom software that best suits your business’ needs and requirements offers you a competitive advantage – as you are the only one who has this solution. You can easily differentiate yourself from your competitors by having a unique or better product built entirely for your business.

As it is built just for your business, you have complete control over your advanced solution. It’s yours to decide how and where it is implemented.

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Reduce your costs and make more money

Although the initial cost of investing in bespoke software will seem higher than off-the-shelf software, it will prove to be less expensive in the long run. Especially when you consider the cost of expensive licensing, upgrades, subscription costs, employees wasting time (money) on repetitive tasks and much more. Bespoke software can help you improve your processes and provide a better service to your customers – which will make you more money!

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Increase your security

One of the most important aspects of custom software is security. As your business is the only one using this software, and you have complete control over it – a security hack is less likely to take place. With off-the-shelf software that is well known and used, you can bet hackers are working away trying to find ways to exploit well-known issues and vulnerabilities. Bespoke software built purposely for your company will significantly reduce the risk of attacks.​

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Some of the Technologies we work with…

Magento 2 E-commerce developers Lancashire PHP expert developers Lancashire WordPress website desingers Lancashire Laravel software developers Lancashire Symfony software developers Lancashire JavaScript web developers Lancashire

Our Bespoke Software Development include:

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Integrate multiple systems into one

Right now, you might be working with many platforms that don’t talk to each other. We can create software that can improve this communication and reduce the systems you use.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Formalise your processes

Do you forget to chase invoices? Losing track of projects? Or, have lots of stock in your warehouse just going to waste? We can help you formalise your processes to help your business become more organised and focused.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Save time

If we know time is money and it is a commodity we can’t buy back – why do we waste it on meaningless tasks that can be simply automated? Not only will it help your team by reducing their stressful workload, but it will also give you more time to spend on growing your business.

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Innovative process system launched for a fast growing and leading R&D firm.

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